Removing Cigarette Smoke From Car

Buying a new car is exciting for us even if it is a used car that someone used to drive around in. It is cheaper this way and helps us to get something decent that we can actually afford. The only problem with buying it used is that you never know what type of smells are going to come with it. One of the worst is cigarette smoke.

Removing cigarette smoke from the car is possible and it will help to remove any harmful toxins that it leaves behind. It will also get rid of any temptation on you to pick up old habits. Luckily there are some simple steps that can get the job done quickly.

  • Start off by opening the windows and driving to the nearest car wash that will allow you to use a vacuum. The fresh air will help to reduce the amount of smoke left in the car.
  • Once you have reached the car wash you need to find the nearest trash can and empty out the ashtray. Clean this out with soap and water when you get home and allow it to dry. When it is dry sprinkle some baking soda inside of it to absorb any odors it is releasing.
  • Thoroughly vacuum out the car. This will also help to get rid of any ashes and cigarette butts left behind on the floor of the car. You can also use this to clean out the ashtray.
  • Spray the seats, floors, and any other upholstery with a fabric freshener. This will not completely remove the smell – but it will do a good job of covering it.
  • Clean the windows on the inside. The smoke will have built up a residue on the glass and left a film behind. Use the household windows cleaner and coffee filter to avoid any streaks.
  • Use a vinyl safe cleaner to clean off any other hard surface inside of the car. This too can leave behind a film from the smoke.
  • The last thing you should do is to install a car air purifier. Once the car is cleaned you will still have small amounts of smoke left behind. The purifier will clean the air and fully remove the smoke and smell once and for all.