Neoair Cruiser Car Air Purifier

Everybody loves that new car smell, it just smells of clean. There is nothing like looking around a brand new car and the clear beautiful windows and pristine console. Makes you sigh just thinking about it! You and I know though that in about a month, or for some less than a monh, we will get in that car one day and wonder, “what is that funky smell.” That will be the time to drive to the nearest store to purchase the Neoair Cruiser Car Air Purifer.

This portable multifunctional air purifier has a multi-stage air filtration system that plugs into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, no batteries necessary, for convenience and ease of use. The Neoair Cruiser has a compact design with 8”x5”x3” dimensions for a fit any size vehicle footprint. More importantly it will protect your family with its efficient ultraviolet air sterilization technology from any airborne contaminants present.

Interior air pollutants like cigarette smoke, odors, dust, pet odors, fast food smells, exhaust fumes, germs and pollen are just some of the contaminants that are reduced by the Hepa cartridge which filters out the airborne pathogens, followed by the activated carbon filter for any gaseous particles, and then the air is sterilized when it passes through a chamber with two photo catalytic filters and its UV technology. An entire compact package to keep your entire family healthy and breathing easy, for a reasonable price.

This state of the art, portable, user friendly air purification filtration system with its easy to fit into any vehicle design speaks for itself. In this age of air pollutants all around us, and the desire to keep our families protected from harmful substances; it seems to me that the Neoair Cruiser Air Purifier at only $120 is very affordable and definitely worth its weight in your peace of mind.