Ionic Car Air Purifier

When buying a car air purifier you want to make sure that you are going to purchase from a brand that is well known for their high quality products. For years Ionic has been producing purifiers for the home and office. They also offer a car purifier that works efficiently and is easy to install.

The Ionic car air purifier costs $20 and can be used in any vehicle along with the standard air purifier that the car comes with. It does not have a motor – but uses metal plates that charge the particles in the air. Without a motor it is completely noiseless and you will even forget it is there.

All you have to do is plug the purifier into the cigarette lighter and allow it to work its magic. The metal plates will charge the particles in the air and eliminate allergens, pollution, and bad odors. If you feel that it is not working hard enough than you can simply adjust the density of the negative ion and ozone with active oxygen.


  • Easy Installation
  • Energy efficient
  • Removes allergens, bad odors, and pollution
  • Noiseless

Consumer Reviews

Pros: People who have never used these before have immediately noticed a change in the atmosphere in their car. The purifier did not get in the way when driving and was able to eliminate the appearance of mold in and cigarette smoke.

Cons: Many of the consumers wished that the metal plates would last longer. It does not require any maintenance but the metal plates can become filled quickly – especially in large cities with a high percentage of pollution and smog.