How Air Purifiers Work

Did you know that driving in your car can damage your health? The carbon monoxide and pollution coming from the cars all around you can damage your health throughout the years. Unfortunately many of us cannot simply stop driving to and from work. The best way to combat the problem is to use a car air purifier.

Simple Purifiers

There are different types of purifiers on the market – but they all work in much the same way. They use various filter out and remove particles of debris and dust out of the air trapped within the car.

The most common and basic of these is the simple air filter. This is set inside of a filter housing that might be set inside of the air conditioner in the car. It is made with special materials like foam, fiberglass, cotton, and synthetic fibers that have been woven together. The particles will try to pass through the barrier – but will find that it is unable to because it is too large.

In order to keep the purifier from breaking and to make sure that the air you are breathing is clean you must change out the filter on a regular basis. Some units might have to be changed every few months and others every few weeks.

Ionizing Purifiers

An ionizing purifier is different from the average air filter. The atoms that are in the air will have a neutral charge. This purifier is designed with two metal plates. One had a positive charge and the other a negative charge. This filter will create ions using a small electrical field that will in turn charge the particles in the air. When the particles are charge they will attach to one of the plates and stick to it. The plates do not need to be changed out – but cleaned every few weeks.