Dangers Of Carbon Monoxide

There are many allergens and pollutants in the air that we breathe – but when on the roads this is made much worse by one of the harshest element of all – carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gasless that cannot be seen or tasted. Emissions of carbon monoxide is created by the cars that we drive and the fuel that is burned to make them run.

Unfortunately it is also one of the deadliest gases and pollutants that anyone can breathe in. When carbon monoxide enters into the body’s bloodstream it will have a chance to enter into the lungs and prevent oxygen from traveling to the necessary parts of your body. While a little bit of this gas may not seriously hurt you low concentrations of it for long periods of time or high amounts of it in a short time has the potential to kill a person.ionizer

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Symptoms

Irritated Eyes

Most people will confuse these symptoms with sea sickness, intoxication, and other common problems and will therefore not receive any medical help. Those who have other serious health problems may have a greater risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Also those people who smoke and drink large amounts of alcohol should be careful.

Environmentalists are doing what they can to help people from this serious problem by making cleaner burning cars. Millions of people drive on the roads with cars that produce large amounts of carbon monoxide and they breathe in the air around them – which is also filled with this dangerous gas.

It is no wonder that health experts and environmentalists are encouraging more and more drivers to use car air purifiers. These units can help to protect you and your family from this deadly gas while driving on the roads. This problem is much worse when driving on highways and in areas with many cars on the road every day.